Clean Ride – Clean Air

The Clean Ride Process is Our Commitment to Excellence

At Transportation Charter Services (TCS), the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have elevated our existing cleaning regimen and developed the TCS CLEAN RIDE Program which has enhanced procedures and protocols for cleaning and disinfecting our fleet to the standards recommended by the CDC using EPA-approved products.

Certified Sanitized at the start of each day
EPA Approved Disinfectants
10-point Disinfection multiple times per day
Passenger Masks available
36-Point Disinfection daily at days end
HVAC System Disinfection
Disinfectant Fog/Misting

Guests start every day on a fully sanitized TCS vehicle. Throughout the day, your driver attends to Critical Touch Points in the vehicle to help protect your health. At the end of the day, the vehicle receives a deep, detailed disinfection to achieve our Certified Clean Standard for the start of the next day. Maintenance crews perform disinfection of the vehicle’s HVAC system to further ensure our standards are met.

To ensure a clean ride for all of our guests, we follow strict daily sanitation procedures that include:

Cabin Air Purification & Rapid Air Exchange
Enhanced Air Filtration
HVAC Sanitization
Fully Disinfected Vehicles
Hand Sanitizer Stations
36 Point Daily Disinfection
CDC/EPA Approved Disinfectants
Attention to Critical Touch Points
Complete Coach Disinfectant Fogging
HVAC Disinfection
Masked Drivers
Attention to Detail
Industry Best Practices
Comprehensive Driver Training
Commitment to Professional Care


Entrance door surfaces
All handrails and touch surfaces used for entering and exiting vehicle
Driver area including steering wheel and all driver controls in cockpit area
Overhead handrails, parcel racks, and parcel rack handles
All seat headrests, armrests and seat belts, and reclining levers
Passenger seating area controls
Seat backs and trays
Restroom door handles inside and out
All Surface areas within Restroom


Entrance door handles
Controls (exterior)
All handrails/grabrails in the entrance
The entire interior surface of the entrance door
The entire interior surface of stairwell including driver compartment hatch
The steering wheel
Driver controls in the cockpit area
Driver seatbelt buckle/latch
Driver headrest
Microphones and AV outlets in TD seat
Upper handrails
Parcel racks and parcel rack handles
Seat armrests
Recliner levers
Seat bottoms
All seat fabric
All seat belt buckles/latches
Overhead Seat Light Switches and Directional Air Vents
Lavatory door handles inside and out
Toilet seat
Lavatory shelf
Lavatory hand sanitizer container
The Exterior luggage door handles engine bay access,
Engine/Mechanical access doors and handles
Window ledges
Pulls on all blinds
Emergency roof hatch surfaces
Emergency window exit levers
The entire floor of the motor coach including stairs
All interior glass windows
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguishers
HVAC Filters – exterior
HVAC Filters – interior
All Surface Complete Misting/Fogging

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